An Indonesian Brand Activation Agency

The Passion that Makes a Difference

AMG ActMark  was founded in 2010 with the spirit of brotherhood and mutual help to achieve the vision and mission of the company

Armed with a long drive pioneering brand activation activities in Indonesia since 1995, the founder of AMG ActMark strives to realize the dream to host their own country in the service brand activation for various Indonesian – based brands and companies

Various types of brand activation have been developed by the founder for local as well as multinational companies. They have become the main base for the company and employee development in AMG ActMark

Developing a trusted brand activation agency in Indonesia

the passion to improve quality of brand activation services nationally
the passion of being goal-oriented – to  help developing and implementing brand activation ideas with our partners and
the passion to follow the ‘ guiding values ​​’ as a base to our services


Our service is always oriented to the needs of various brands/companies’ promotion in Indonesia

In implementing the national strategy our services are adaptable. We tailor our services to the local conditions and culture.

Currently, our services are involving but not limited to
• Concept development and implementation of brand activation
• Consumer Oriented Promotion, such as sampling et selling, merchandising, sweepstakes, special events
• Trade Oriented Promotion, such as trade roadshow, merchandising, dealer gathering
• Exhibition support
• Digital Activation support

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